Best Authentic Malaysian Restaurant
In Wellington

We Serve 100% Halal Meat & MSG Free

22 Allen Street, Te Aro, Wellington
TEL: 04 385  7709


About Us

Selamat Datang! Papa Satay House , an authentic Malaysian restaurant that will transport your taste buds to the bustling streets of Malaysia!

Based in Wellington, NZ, Papa Satay House specializes in authentic Malaysian cuisine, but also offers fusions of Chinese and South Indian cuisine. Owner and head chef Krishnan Morthy has over 24 years of experience preparing traditional Malaysian dishes, first working in his uncle’s curry house in Kaula Lampur, and then a further 11 years in one of the most popular Malaysian restaurants in Wellington.


  • Lunch

    Curry – Chicken or Lamb $13.90
    Served with rice and roti

    Gulai – Fish $14.90
    Served with rice and roti

    Sambal – Chicken $13.90
    Served with rice and roti

    Papa’s Rendang – Beef, Lamb or Chicken $13.90
    Served with rice and roti

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  • Mains

    Curry * (Medium/Hot) – Chicken or Lamb $18.90
    Chef’s mix of spices using whole spices of star anise, cloves, cinnamon stick, turmeric and fresh curry leaves

    Papa’s Nasi Lemak (Medium/Hot) $19.90
    Nasi Lemak is a coconut rice accompanied with your choice of meat, shrimp Sambal, sliced cucumber, hardboiled egg and roasted peanuts. Considered the “Malaysian National Dish”.

    Gulai * (Medium/Hot) – Fish or Prawn $21.90
    Blend of curry paste using whole spices such as fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, fresh curry leaves, tamarind juice and coconut cream in preparing this traditional ‘gulai’

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  • Papa’s ‘Hawker’s Corner”

    Mee goreng mamak (DF) (V) $17.90

    A glorious plate of spicy, savory noodles with tofu puffs, boiled potatoes and fritters in a peanut sauce.

    Curry Laksa (DF) (NF) $17.90

    Curried noodle soup with prawns, fish balls, tofu, chicken and boiled egg.

    Mee Goreng (NF) (DF) (V) $17.90

    wok fried egg noodles with chicken, bean sprouts and egg.

    Nasi goreng (NF) (DF) (V) $17.90

    wok fried rice with chicken topped with egg .

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Lunch Specials

All week lunch specials available, come and visit us. 

Papa Satay Catering

Every year, many of us attend dozens of events. Birthday parties, holiday celebrations, work functions, celebratory events and product launches, among others. But have you ever attended or hosted an event that featured authentic Malaysian cuisine? Probably not, because there are not many people who would think of Malaysian food when planning the catering for an event!

Authentic Malaysian Cuisine

Every Papa Satay dish is made using fresh local ingredients and prepared according to traditional recipes that make them stand out as one of the best Malaysian food catering options in Wellington. So why not serve up an authentic Malaysian banquet or give a Malaysian fusion twist to your next event and ask Papa Satay about their catering services?

People love our food

“After a long day we visited Papa Satay House and were firstly amazed at how clean the kitchen was. Chef “Owner” was in his whites and you could see he enjoyed his cooking. We were surprised when we got home and sat down for dinner. My friend had the Mee Goreng Mamak and I had a Chef’s Specials. The Mee Goreng was cooked to perfection and the flavours just tickled our taste buds!! The second dish was an absolute hit and was thoroughly enjoyed. Well done to the team and this little Authentic Malaysian Gem is a definite must. Excellent Value, Fresh Ingredients and prepared in front of the customer.” – Folcarelli Stephan

“Personally I have tasted the chefs cooking before when he worked in another restaurant. The food is alway full of flavor and the best beef rendang around IMO! The Nan bread was spot on, portion of curry and rice was filling and enough for leftovers for the next day” – Tim Chai


“Fare form this new Malaysian Restaurant will make the taste buds sing, but do watch out if you are a vegetrian, writes ” – David Burton

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Contact Us

Wellington Central – 22 ALLEN ST, TE ARO, WELLINGTON 

ALLEN STREET – 04 385 7709





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